Barbara not Sylvia

I’m so happy to share new dots with you all!

This is my new piece of work, ‘Barbara’, which was originally called ‘Sylvia’. Why? For almost the whole time I was working on it, I thought that this was a picture of Sylvia Plath. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one, and that actually the photograph has been credited incorrectly hundreds of times, including once by HarperCollins! After doing some research, it turns out that the woman is actually a French actress called Barbara Laage, photographed by Nina Leen in 1946.

Nina Leen documented Barbara performing her usual daily tasks – reading scripts, polishing her shoes, practicing lines and so on. The photographs provide an insight into the life of an up-and-coming actress in the late 40s.

I chose the colour palette to emphasise a feeling of calm and solitude that I get from the whole series of photographs. It was such a lovely piece to make, and consists of 4900 paper dots!

Barbara [2015]

I hope you all like it! If you are interested in buying this piece, you can find details here.

Painted Dots and a Merry New Year!

It’s 2015!

I’ve been working on a way to make my dotty pictures that isn’t as fiddly as using my paper punch holes, the idea being that I’ll be able to make bigger and more detailed pictures. I came up with the idea of using dots of paint directly onto glass:

Which, when viewed from the other side… (spot the smirk in the reflection!)

SO! Having played around, here is my first completed paint dot picture :)

 The fun thing about this way is that you can display the image from either side. I like it paint-side up, but it works just as well when seen from the other side of the glass.

What do you think? :) xx

Swimming Ladies and Dots II

My swimming ladies are done! Quite a big canvas, and very lovely colours – the photos really don’t do them justice. The original image came from a collection of old photographs found in an antique store, all of the same women, all dating 1936-1938. I wish I could see the rest!



DSC_0019 copyDSC_0025I was also so inspired by my dots for Under the Rug that I couldn’t wait to do another. The tonal range of these colours isn’t as even as the black and white, but it’s all learning! I still think the final image is fun :)


Dots/Under the Rug

New work! I made this piece, ‘Dots’, for the Under the Rug art competition. It’s made from around 7500 cardboard dots that I punched from paint samples and has a range of 13 different tones.


Photo by Under the Rug
Photo by Under the Rug
Photo by Under the Rug
Photo by Under the Rug
Photo by Under the Rug
Photo by Under the Rug

So what do you think? Like the new medium? Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks. Jay :)

(P.S. Here is a bonus making-of picture. It’s always a battle with this beast!)


A Facebook page and some Fanimals

At last, I have pulled up my social-networking socks and made myself a Facebook page. (Head down to the bottom of this page to ‘like’ me!) It has been a lovely way to interact with fellow artists, and fans of my work. As a treat for anyone who ‘likes’ my page, I have been drawing an animal of their choosing. It’s actually been a really interesting exercise in drawing, as I never ever ever would have chosen to draw a tardigrade, a foal, nor many of the other animals I’ve had requested.

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days, so for those still awaiting your Fanimals – fear not! I’ve certainly not forgotten you! Drawings will be coming in the next few days :)River Otter

Low Fat Natural History Museum

I’ve been back on (my primary source of drawing inspiration) and this hit just the right note. Yummm…

Low Fat

But really, I LOVE the Natural History Museum. It was easily my favourite place when I went and stayed with friends in London. The taxidermy shrew is worth a trip, if nothing else. Now I miss it! So here is an indulgent photo :)Museum


Sister Fanciers shirts complete :)

Hello all, and greetings from not-so-sunny Singapore! I’m over visiting my folks, and took the opportunity to  finally get down and finish the design I started for The Sister Fanciers.

If anyone is interested in owning one of these (possibly rather niche) items, do let me know. We still have the silk screens, and I’d be more than happy to do custom orders for hand-printed silk screen shirts, otherwise I’ll pop the design up on Redbubble for future purchases :)

ShirtsA thousand thanks to my very talented step-father Kim Hine for letting me be his printing apprentice, and for loaning his art room and expertise!

PreparationFinally, thanks to Ben and Cam at Gather Around Me for giving me such a fabulous design challenge. I can’t imagine any other situation in which I would be drawing Bill Clinton, let alone Bill Clinton and Hot Lips Houlihan…

Stay posted for pictures of my upcoming painting, and let me know if anyone is desirous of any stylish Sister Fanciers merch.


I’m still here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but that hasn’t been for lack of work! I’ve started a new painting (photos to come) and am working on a design for a band shirt. The band doesn’t actually exist beyond the podcast Gather Around Me, but I believe is worthy of a shirt. This is what I’ve got so far! (p.s. Listen to Gather Around Me, it is wonderful.)


new doc_1