Sister Fanciers shirts complete :)

Hello all, and greetings from not-so-sunny Singapore! I’m over visiting my folks, and took the opportunity to  finally get down and finish the design I started for The Sister Fanciers.

If anyone is interested in owning one of these (possibly rather niche) items, do let me know. We still have the silk screens, and I’d be more than happy to do custom orders for hand-printed silk screen shirts, otherwise I’ll pop the design up on Redbubble for future purchases :)

ShirtsA thousand thanks to my very talented step-father Kim Hine for letting me be his printing apprentice, and for loaning his art room and expertise!

PreparationFinally, thanks to Ben and Cam at Gather Around Me for giving me such a fabulous design challenge. I can’t imagine any other situation in which I would be drawing Bill Clinton, let alone Bill Clinton and Hot Lips Houlihan…

Stay posted for pictures of my upcoming painting, and let me know if anyone is desirous of any stylish Sister Fanciers merch.


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