One thought on “Kate Complete!

  1. This is the painting Jay completed for me of my daughter Kate. I am in absolute love with it! It is STUNNING! It is amazing to see how your own personal subject (in this case my daughter) translates into a unique piece of art. We have had so many comments about this artwork…people cannot believe it’s a painting (and are blown away when they realise it is!).
    Jay and I had many discussions about the appropriate canvas size and the colour of our Kate painting…I was inspired by her Gemma Ward piece and finally concluded that pinks would work well – and they do. It was also reassuring that Jay knew what types of photos would work best to be transferred to canvas…this is now a classic piece that will still look fantastic in years to come rather than just suit the here and now. Jay was completely professional but at the same time extremely approachable and easy to chat to. She took the photos of my daughter and I can tell by looking at them all how relaxed Kate was and what a good time she was having while Jay snapped away! I would recommend Jay and Jay’s work to anyone. I’m now going to commission her to do another piece for my parents as a present. I can’t wait to begin choosing another photo and discussing colours!
    Kellie Chatburn

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